What is Ethics?



Ethics is the study of moral values.


Our program appeals to people who wish to improve their understanding of the nature and role of moral values in today’s world. Our goal is to ensure a balanced encounter with the personal, social, political and legal dimensions of contemporary discussions of morality, moral values, and the nature and role of moral judgments. We also foster the development of skills in moral reasoning, and place emphasis on the role of empathy and imagination in moral understanding and judgment.



Graduates of our program include human service professionals, teachers, business people, and corrections and police officers.

You may choose to focus your study on either the religious or the philosophical dimensions of ethics, or you may choose courses from both streams of the program. Although an introductory course in philosophy or religious studies is an adequate introduction to the program, it is recommended that students take an introductory course from both departments.

For more information please contact Professor Alison Hood.

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